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Toscana Studio Summer Art / Sculpture Camp for Children

1st Camp starts May 28 and Last Camp starts July 29, 2013

Prices Slashed to $175.00 for classes beginning June 17 through July 29!  If you are already signed up for camps at the regular price sign up for a 2nd class for only $125.00.  Call Linda today to sign up at 575-1445,

Join Toscana Studio and Gallery for an action packed, creative Art/Sculpture Camp where kids can express themselves in 2 and 3 dimensional art.  Toscana Studio and Gallery is conveniently located on 9040 North Oracle Road, North of McGee Road in Oro Valley, AZ, Northwest of Tucson, AZ.

Each camp offers a variety of  projects using different media.  We will use water based clay, wire, plaster, rope, wood, metal, mosaics, paint, paper mache and/or mixed media, as well as acrylic paint.

Class size is limited to 8 students per class to provide for individualized ideas and projects. The classes are geared for children in the 2nd to the 9th grades.  Each week the class will end with a friendly art show for family to enjoy.

All camps meet for 4 days a week from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm for a total of 20 hours of studio FUN.  Bring sack lunches for each day.  Cost for each class was $225.00 but now discounted to $175.00!  Note except for camp #6 which is only 3 days due to the holiday and is $168.75.  Call us at 520-575-1445 to schedule your classes today.

We have been presenting these FUN filled summer camps for 6 years!  Come see for yourself all the creative FUN we have!

Please complete the
Camp Registration Form, print sign and mail the form with your check to Toscana, 9040 N. Oracle Road, Oro Valley, AZ 85704, or come to Toscana and pay by cash, check or credit card. Map to Toscana Studio and Gallery.


Description of Summer Art Camps

Sculpt in Clay and Plaster, Instructor: Ms. Linda Ahearn

This ever popular camp involves sculpting in water based clay either an animal, portrait or something from your imagination. Planning structure, base and armature are the first steps to a successful sculpture. Bases are constructed from plaster or wood. Sculpture tools will be used and techniques learned for details and texture. Sculptures are sealed and painted to look like bronze or a fantasy finish. Also, a hand casting sculpture will be made from plaster and decorated. If time permits, a Jackson Pollock paint out will top off this very fun week. An art show will be held the last 30 minutes of the final day.

Mixed Media, Collage, Paint, Charcoal and Gourd Art, Instructor: Ms. Linda Ahearn

Tissue papers, magazine cut outs, paint, charcoal, and more will be combined with special mediums to create gorgeous and colorful collage art. We will be creating abstracts as well as working from still life and imagination. Also, we will be creating gourd sculptures and painting and decorating them using collage, paint feathers, beads etc… Super FUN!

Paper Mache Extravaganza, Instructor: Ms. Susan Oyler

Paper Mache is fun and messy! In this camp you can choose a dragon, monster, or other creature from your imagination to build using newspaper and flour and water. Details will be sculpted, scales, wrinkles, teeth, eyes, etc…and then painted with acrylics. Just bring your imagination.


Folded and Movable Books,  Instructor: Mary Ellen Palmeri

Have fun making books with movable parts, including pop-ups, fold-outs and lift-ups. Learn how to use a favorite photo or drawing and turn it into a pop-up design. Make a folded book with pockets that will hold small pictures or cards, and it doesn't use any glue or stitching! Learn how to create charming small books that can be used for special gifts, filled with tiny pictures or photos, or hold a small collection of favorite sayings or quotes. This class will cover a variety of binding techniques and how to make hard and soft covers for your books.

Be an Impressionist for a Week, Instructor: Leigh Utsch

With the inspiration of the great masters of the Impressionist Era like Cassatt, Cezanne, Degas, Lautrec, Manet, Monet, Renoir and more, children will be immersed through various media, the student will be exposed to the various artists’ personalities, style, medium and contributions. This will be accomplished through painting, pastels, watercolor, sculpture, and cooking. On the last day they will learn how to make French crepes and set up an art gallery of their accomplishments.

The Art of Japan - “The Floating World”, Instructor: Leigh Utsch

Japan is a crescent shaped archipelago made up of four large islands and more than a thousand smaller islands. Explore the art and culture of this “floating world”. Activities include creating a tissue paper kite, origami, painting with a bamboo brush, and designing and printing your own “chop”. We will delve into the life of Hokusai who was the most prolific master of UKIYO-E ( famous wave paintings).

Modern Art Mania,  Instructor: Ms. Susan Oyler

With the inspiration of Modern Art Masters like Klimt, Picasso, Kandinsky, Chuck Close, Andy Warhol, Mark Rothko and more, children will learn about this very important period in art and about the process of painting in the abstract, shapes, color, texture, pattern, etc…They will be painting with acrylics on canvas, pastel on paper and watercolor. Some mixed media will be used as well to create dynamic art ready for your walls at home. Super creative camp, young artists will develop a sense of understanding for Abstract Art.

Please enjoy photos of the art created by the 2012 Summer Camp Students!



To Register for the Classes complete the registration form and email it to Linda @


  • Pay in person at Toscana Studio and Gallery, 9040 North Oracle Rd., Oro Valley, AZ 85704.

  • Send payment to Toscana Studio and Gallery, 9040 North Oracle Rd., Oro Valley, AZ 85704.

      2013 Camp Schedule

          Camp 1            Camp 2

May 28-31 Grades 2-5

  - Sculpt in Clay and Plaster/ Ahearn 

  - Be An Impressionist for a Week/Utsc

  - Modern Art Mania/ Oyler

June 3-6 Grades 5-9

  - Sculpt in Clay and Plaster/ Ahearn

  - Be An Impressionist for a Week/ Utsch

  - Modern Art Mania with Acrylics/Oyler
        Camp 3           Camp 4

June 10-13  Grades 2-5

  - Sculpt in Clay and Plaster/ Ahearn

  - Modern Art Mania with Acrylics/ Oyler

June 17-20 Grades 5-9

  - Sculpt in Clay and Plaster/ Ahearn

  - Art of Japan, A Floating World/ Utsch

  - Book Making /Palmeri

          Camp 5 C

June 24-27 Grades 2-5

  - Sculpt in Clay and Plaster /Ahearn

  - Art in Japan- The Floating World / Utsch

  - Modern Art Mania with Acrylics /Oyler

          Camp 6           Camp 7

July 1-3 Grades 5-9 Three Days

  - Mixed Media and Gourd Art /Ahearn

  - Modern Art Mania with Acrylics/Oyler

  - Book Making /Palmeri -


July 8-11    Grades 2-5

  - Sculpt in Clay and Plaster/Ahearn

  - Be an Impressionist for a Week/Utsch

  - Modern Art Mania/ Oyler

          Camp 8           Camp 9

July 15-18 Grades 5-9

Sculpt in Clay and Plaster/Ahearn

  - Be an Impressionist for a Week/ Utsch

  - Modern Art Mania/ Oyler

July 22-25 Grades 2-5

  - Mixed Media and Gourd Art/ Ahearn

  - Paper Mache Extravaganza/ Oyler

  - Art of Japan, A Floating World/ Utsch

          Camp 10


July 29-Aug 1 Grades 5-9

  - Sculpt in Clay and Plaster/ Ahearn

  - Art of Japan, Floating World, Utsch

  - Book Making/ Palmeri 


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