Toscana Studio and Gallery Art Classes Tucson & Oro Valley AZ

Adult Art Classes

Adult Art Classes At Toscana Studio

All classes are held at Toscana Studio and Gallery  9040 N Oracle Rd  Oro Valley AZ 85704

Come for practice, inspiration, completion, and camaraderie.


Changes for 2022 On-Going Classes

As of January 01, 2022 we will be enforcing our Attendance Policy. That can be found on our Terms and Conditions Page, also here, and at the bottom of this page.

Beginning in January 2022:  If you have been fully vaccinated you are not required to wear a mask, but it is recommended. All students are required to show proof of COVID vaccine to participate in classes at Toscana. Please e-mail picture of card to or have vaccine card ready for first day of class. Digital cards are okay. If you have a special situation that prohibits a vaccine please e-mail Linda.

Are you interested in an intensive class held during the weekend with personalized instruction? Toscana Studio also offers Adult Art Workshops. Please click this button to see more:

To print the Art Class Registration form, and pay by check or in person go here:

If registrations are showing closed for the class you want, or if you don't see a class for the art you want to learn, please add your name to the waiting list:  

Attendance Policy

Last Updated:  January 01, 2022

Attendance policy for all weekly classes (adult and after school classes) will be enforced effective January 1, 2022.

In the past Toscana has allowed students to miss multiple classes per registration and make them up when convenient. Unfortunately, we now will no longer be able to honor more than one missed class and will begin enforcing our attendance policy.

All current open registrations must be completed no later than 1/30/22. After that any unused classes will be forfeited.

As we have waiting lists to get into these classes, a registered student is allowed to make up ONE missed class per six week registration. Additional missed classes will be forfeited. All six classes must be used within a seven week period subject to studio hours and holidays.

We can no longer allow a student to miss multiple classes and then ask to redeem them weeks, even months later. Once a 6-week class has been purchased you have reserved that spot and if you are not able to attend, you still have that spot in the class. If you choose not to sign up for another 6-week class, it will be offered to someone on the waiting list.

I appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
Linda Ahearn