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Kids Summer Art Camp

Kids Summer Art Camp - 2022

It's Summer! Time for Toscana Studio's Kids Summer Art Camp.

  • This is a dynamic art camp experience for kids grades 2nd - 12th.
  • Held from 12:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Tuesday through Friday. Wear your mask!
  • With the exception of the final camp, each camp is $300.00 for the 4-day session. All materials are included in the camp cost.
  • We will hold an art show at 4:15 p.m. on the final day of each week.
  • In this, our seventeenth year, Toscana Studio is offering Camps in a wide variety of media: Sculpt In Clay; Glass Mosaics; Oil Painting; Sewing a Stuffed Animal, and Drawing, and one new camp: Learn To Sew Clothes.

All sessions are held 12:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. All sessions are Tuesday - Friday.  All will be taught by Linda Ahearn, with interns' help.

Art Camp Sessions Schedule

All sessions are held 12:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. All sessions are Tuesday - Friday.

Sculpt in Clay   teacher:  Linda Ahearn Our most popular camp!  Learn to create a three-dimensional sculpture in clay.  With water-based clay, you can sculpt anythingsuch as animals, sports heroes, nature, your favorite characters, and more!  (more…)

  • Sculpt In Clay Session 1 Grades 2-5
    May 31, 2022 - June 3, 2022
    12:30 pm - 4:30 pm
  • Sculpt In Clay Session 2 Grades 5-12
    June 7, 2022 - June 10, 2022
    12:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Glass Mosaics  teacher:  Linda Ahearn   In this popular camp, you’ll learn to design and create spectacular colorful glass mosaics using multiple types of glass and tiles.  (more…)

  • Glass and Tile Mosaics Session 3 Grades 2-5
    June 14, 2022 - June 17, 2022
    12:30 pm - 4:30 pm
  • Glass and Tile Mosaics Session 4 Grades 5-12
    June 21, 2022 - June 24, 2022
    12:30 pm - 4:30 pm

  Sewing A Plush Doll teacher:  Linda Ahearn   Design your own unique doll or stuffed animal, choose from a multitude of fabrics, use or design your pattern, pin and cut out. Learn how to work a sewing machine to assemble the pieces together and (more…)

  • Sewing Stuffies Session 5 Grades 3-12
    June 28, 2022 - July 1, 2022
    12:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Drawing From Life and Photos   teacher:  Linda Ahearn   Learn the basic techniques to draw from life and photos.  Using graphite and charcoal, students will strengthen their observation skills while learning (more…)

  • Drawing From Life Session 6 Grades 5-12
    July 5, 2022 - July 8, 2022
    12:30 pm - 4:30 pm
  • Drawing From Life Session 8 Grades 5-12
    July 19, 2022 - July 22, 2022
    12:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Oil Painting  teacher:  Linda Ahearn In this fun camp, learn to oil paint from still life for the first two days and select a portrait, animal, or landscape for the second two days.  (more…)

  • Oil Painting Session 7 Grades 5-12
    July 12, 2022 - July 15, 2022
    12:30 pm - 4:30 pm

  New camp at Toscana this summer! Learn To Sew Clothes teacher:  Linda Ahearn   This is a beginning sewing class for girls and boys ages 6th grade and up. Learn how to sew a dress, skirt, bag, beanie/hat, vest, or sweat pants/shorts. (more…)

  • Sewing Outfit Session 9 Grades 6-12
    July 26, 2022 - July 29, 2022
    12:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Hardcopy Registration

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